Remember. Celebrate. Change Lives

Thank you for choosing to remember your loved one by supporting Macmillan. It’s a truly wonderful way to celebrate their life, while creating a lasting legacy that will help us change the lives of people with cancer, and their families, across the UK. 

We are all part of the team

Every pound raised from a tribute fund comes directly to Macmillan. Cancer is the toughest fight most of us will ever face and no one should have to go through it alone. The Macmillan team is here every step of the way making sure no one does. Whether you have set up a tribute fund, light a lantern in memory of your loved one or organised an event donating, you are helping us to support even more people with cancer and their families.
Now, more than ever, we need people like you on our team. Whether you have held a Coffee Morning, taken part in one of our walks, made a donation or helped us campaign for change, you have made a huge difference for people affected by cancer.

Macmillan professionals change lives every day.

Across the UK, our specialist professionals and nurses are caring for, talking to and supporting the one in three people in the UK who are diagnosed with cancer – and their families. Most people know us best for our nurses – and with more than three thousand of them across the UK, it’s no wonder. But did you know we also have lots of other specialists in our team, including benefits advisers and support line workers? Not to mention our doctors, radiographers, physiotherapists, dieticians, language therapists and psychologists. And they’re all changing the lives of people with cancer, day in, day out. Thanks to you, our team can be there right from the moment of diagnosis.

Our self-help groups bring people together every day.

After a cancer diagnosis, we encourage people to get together – either in groups or online – to share their experiences. Thanks to the generosity of people like you, we are able to support more than 800 self-help and support groups across the UK – changing the lives of people who just need to talk to someone in their shoes. We also have an active online community where people affected by cancer can connect with others who’ve had similar experiences. Users can set up a profile, use the chatrooms, start a blog and much more at

Our financial help changes lives every day.

Living with cancer can be expensive, with extra costs for heating, travel and parking – as well as the possibility of having to give up work. One of the many ways we provide financial support is by helping people claim the benefits they’re entitled to. Filling in forms can be particularly stressful when unwell, but our benefits advisers are there to help. Thanks to supporters like you, we can also help with one-off grants to cover a wide range of practical needs. On average we give grants to 600 people a week, helping pay for everything from heating bills and warm clothes, to a much-needed break. These grants can really change the lives of a family struggling to cope with the cost of cancer.

Our information and advice change lives every day.

If someone affected by cancer has a question about cancer, or just needs to talk, they can call our free support line on 0808 808 00 00 (Monday to Friday, 9am–8pm). Thanks to supporters like you, our support line workers change lives every day. They can help with anything from finding out more about a diagnosis, to claiming benefits, or learning about campaigning opportunities. And if they can’t answer a question, they’ll know a person who can. Even if it’s just for a chat – they’re always more than happy to listen.

Bill's story

Bill lost his wife Betty to cancer

‘The care and help we received from Macmillan was outstanding and prompted my daughters to suggest organising a charity event to remember their Mam. We organised ‘Betty's Big Bash’ hoping to sell 180 tickets and raise approximately £2500. 

'It quickly became apparent that we had greatly under estimated the numbers and generosity of people wishing to buy tickets or donate to the evening. 

'The total raised reached a staggering amount of over £11,000 which broke all local records. We were ecstatic and proud of our efforts. 

'We believe the success of the event was due to the willingness of everyone to support Macmillan and the love and respect for Betty.’

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