Start a fund


1. Registration

To start with you'll need to register; this is a simple and easy four stage process and you will receive a confirmation email once your registration is complete.

2. Create your tribute fund

The next step is to create your tribute fund, you can share memories about the person you're remembering and add photographs and videos too. When you're happy with it your page is ready to share with friends and family.

3. Update your fund

Many people add to their page over time. Updating your page is easy. Once you have created a page, you can sign in at any time to make changes, add an event fund or add photos, memories or diary updates.

4. Doing an event in memory of your loved one

Once your tribute fund has been set up, you'll be able to create individual event funds by clicking on the 'Take part in an event for this fund' button.

This could be doing a run for Macmillan, whatever it is, all of the money raised from the event will go towards the main tribute fund.