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  • Jenny Drummond

    Owner:Timothy Drummond Raised:£75.00

    MacMillan treated and supported Jenny/Mum for four long years, giving her a quality of life and indeed extending it. She was continuously impressed on how they 'kept me going' and their professionalism. By way of gratitude we ask that rather than bri...

  • Anne Overend

    Owner:Emma Callaghan Target: £100.00 Raised:£20.00

    Macmillan was a charity close to my mum's heart and the support she gained after her cancer diagnosis was invaluable. Instead of flowers, she has requested that you make a donation to help support others in the same situation.

  • John Williams

    Owner:Elizabeth Williams Raised:£50.00

    John Williams will be greatly missed by the many people who were privileged to have known him. This page has been created for anyone wishing to make a donation in lieu of flowers for the funeral. We hope that we can help the nurses of Macmillan who d...

  • Derek Wagstaffe

    Owner:Nixola Twigg Raised:£40.00

    Isobel and the family would ask for donations instead of flowers if you’d like.

  • Emma Palmer

    Owner:Aaron Palmer Raised:£0.00

    Raising money this Christmas in memory of Emma Palmer, a loving Wife, Mother and Grandma, for a charity that was so close to her heart.

  • Pauline Clarke

    Owner:Lydia Murray Raised:£40.00

    During her lifetime, Pauline often supported the work of Macmillan through her donations. It therefore seems appropriate that we carry on with this as a tribute to her memory.


    Owner:MARCIA WHITE Raised:£0.00

    I have set up this fund as we have decided to make donations to Macmillan rather than have flowers at Aunty Mickey's funeral. We feel this is a relevant way to remember such a caring person.

  • Hazel Gidney

    Owner:Andrew Gidney Raised:£981.00

    Thank you in advance for any donations made

  • John Suddaby

    Owner:Clare Willow Target: £100.00 Raised:£100.00

    This fund is to honour & support the information & support Dad received during both of his cancer journeys and the care & compassion shown to me on the day of his passing. Vicky, one of the Macmillan nurses there on the day held space for him to pass...

  • Beryl Conway

    Owner:Darren Conway Target: £250.00 Raised:£150.00

    In memory of a wonderful Wife, Mum and Nanny. This was a special charity to Beryl and she would want them to benefit from her passing.
    Beryl was a great lady who had time for everyone. She was loving, caring and had a great sense of humour. S...


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