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  • Mighty Hike Rebecca and Julia

    Owner:Rebecca Graham Target: £250.00 Raised:£0.00

    Julia and I are walking in memory of our dearest Mum, Margaret Williams.
    She loved walking.
    She loved the Peak District and
    we love her.

  • Janet Middleditch

    Owner:Malcolm Middleditch Raised:£0.00

    Janet liked flowers and the family will be giving her a great tribute but I think she would love to help others in their battle against cancer. The family would like you to donate to Macmillan rather than send flowers so that her death may help other...

  • Husam Alzubaydi

    Owner:Ben Rogers Raised:£0.00

    We don’t need flowers thank you but if you want to donate to the hospice who gave us amazing palliative care at home or to the equally amazing Macmillan nurses, please do so here.

  • Candy Owen

    Owner:Ellen Tadman Target: £1,000.00 Raised:£10.00

    Candy Owen, wife of David, was a mother to three (Ellen, Katherine, Robin) and grandmother to four boys and two girls, and step grandmother to two more girls and two more boys. She was recently retired from Wakefield council and prior to that she wo...

  • Prabjot Bhatti

    Owner:Harkeeret Lotay Target: £1,000.00 Raised:£10.00

    Our beautiful Jyoti was a ray of light who loved her family with all her heart. She dedicated her time to thinking of how to make her loved ones happy. Her strength was unparalleled & so inspiring. I invite you to donate in Jyoti’s memory, to share y...

  • Lynn Winter

    Owner:Barry Winter Raised:£240.00

    My Mum was so grateful for the care and dedication of the Macmillan cancer nurses when my Father had prostrate cancer. It was the charity she gave most too.

  • Bernard Millington

    Owner:Marilyn Millington Target: £200.00 Raised:£160.00

    This is a fund we’ve set up In memory of Bernard. Please help the people that did so much for Dad while he was ill. They can use this money to continue to help others in a similar position to Bernard.

  • Barbara Kendall

    Owner:Bethany Kendall Target: £1,000.00 Raised:£30.00

    I wanted to set up this tribute fund, as I sought much support from Macmillan throughout Grandma's illness. I found the service incredibly helpful and I hope that others can seek the same. Grandma would have loved the idea of supporting others, throu...

  • Elaine Rouse

    Owner:Amanda Rouse Raised:£5.00

    Don would like those attending the funeral to donate to Macmillan instead of buying flowers, as a family we would like to support the Macmillan nurses to care for other people with cancer.

  • Chris Jones

    Owner:Joanne Parr Target: £500.00 Raised:£615.00

    This has been set up in chris' memory to raise as much money as possible to help others in their time of need, just as we were helped and supported by Macmillan nurses when chris was so ill.


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