Fiona Riley

The Fiona Riley Tribute fund

  • How would you describe them?

    "The most beautiful, caring, intelligent, mother, wife and daughter. Fiona always only saw the light in people."

    From Ella Riley

  • What did they love most?

    "She loved being with her family, and just seeing everyone succeed and be happy and she loved her little house in Italy and her loving dog Jenny."

    From Ella Riley

  • What will you remember most about them?

    "We will always remember her laugh, the feeling of her unconditional love and of course her dancing around the living room."

    From Ella Riley

Mummy had such wonderful nurses visit her everyday provided by Macmillan, who were so kind and so incredibly talented at what they do. Their work is underrated in how helpful they are for the persons mental health and wellbeing besides the illness. We want more people to realise their and understand their work and how dedicated they are to helping people live their best life under difficult circumstances. These nurses really helped Mummy in so many ways, and we want other people in need to be able to have the same love given by macmillan.

  • Ms Claire Bleloch £100.00 15/07/2018

    Ella, I first met your lovely mother at the ISZL ’school gates’. Our family had arrived near the end of the school year and as I was standing there feeling a bit lost and lonely this tall, beautiful girl introduced herself, and warmed my heart with her kindness when she asked if I was new and invited me for coffee. This was the start of a wonderful friendship, and I soon discovered how blessed I was to have met such a kind, generous and beautiful soul. We shared much laughter during our skiing, dog walks and coffee and croissant stops. She could be feisty too and made me laugh so much when she very succinctly told a Swiss birdwatcher who complained about Jenny’s overeagerness precisely where he could stick his long camera lens! Your amazing mum will always stay in my heart and those of everyone who knew her. Well done for doing this Ella as I know how kind the Macmillan nurses were and how well they looked after your mum. XX????

  • Lucy Browett £30.00 15/07/2018

  • Mr Allan Muir £50.00 15/07/2018

    Fabulous memories of fun times with all the family, in Buriton, Switzerland and Italy. Chris and Fiona often laughed at my outrageous pudding hurling at the Island. Ella you were tucked up in bed. I was never allowed to forget that moment. Wild drive through Italy in a fiat to pompei! Many lovely shared meals. Horse jumping in the apartment in Switzerland, do you remember that Ella? We've warmth and friendship and generosity in so many ways from you all. Fi will always be in our hearts the bestest friend one could ever hope for . Barbara, Allan and Jamie xxxxxxxx

  • Mrs Sabine Bucher £200.00 14/07/2018

    Dear Ella, such a wonderful idea! Fiona was a very good friend to me during her time in Switzerland. I will never forget our daily dogwalks and our good conversations. She is dearly missed!!! Sabine, Lukas, Cedric and Aline

  • Mrs Rachael Nagel £100.00 14/07/2018

    Thankyou Ella for the opportunity to pay our respects to your mum in this way. Sending love & deepest sympathy to you, your dad, Chris and your Grandma. To my dear friend Fluffy, Thank you for all the amazing & funny memories we shared backpacking. You will forever hold a special place in my heart. With love always, Dizzy.

  • Mrs Ali Mackinnon £50.00 13/07/2018

    Fiona and I became friends in the last two years and I am so grateful and happy that we did. We spent many hours walking our dogs around the lake and many more trying to get Jennie out of it. Coffee at the Hafen was a must with Fiona blithely ignoring their dog policy while Jennie got ensconced outside and kept a watchful eye on the ducks. We managed (at times) to laugh about our hair loss and see the positives in our respective situations and I was awed by Fiona's stoicism and "get on with it" approach. I really valued our too brief time together and I miss you so much, xx

  • Miss Amanda Taylor £50.00 13/07/2018

    Dearest Ella, your mummy was just the most beautiful, caring and heroic best friend I had the privilege of getting to know. We laughed, drank lots of Chardonnay and had such fun times, especially skiing....your mum couldn’t stop laughing over my comment to the ski instructor how I was losing control on the nursery slope! Sending much love right now to you all xxxxx

  • Mr Matthew Ball £25.00 12/07/2018

  • Gabriele and René van Meggelen £100.00 12/07/2018

    Dear Ella, what a nice way to pay tribute to your wonderful mom. She will always hold a special place in our hearts. She was a true friend and we will always remember her beauty, generosity, genuine kindness, positive attitude, sense of humour and incredible strength. We miss her! Gabi and René

  • Mr Colin Walker £20.00 11/07/2018

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