Annie Caulfield

The Annie Caulfield Tribute fund

  • How would you describe them?

    "Annie was a writer and her work was like her, wise, brave and very funny. We have lost someone we love and the world has lost her wonderful mind."

    From Jo Caulfield

  • What did they love most?

    "Annie devoted her life to writing, whether for radio, TV, theatre, print or books"

    From Jo Caulfield

  • What will you remember most about them?

    "Laughing. She could make you double up with laughter, the way you laughed when you were a kid. She was laughing right up to the end."

    From Jo Caulfield

I know how much Annie and her partner Martin appreciated everything that Macmillan did for them. They offered both emotional and very practical help and advice. They called their Macmillan Nurse their 'Guardian Angel'. We would like to raise money to help Macmillan Cancer continue the work. To help others as they helped Annie. We will be forever grateful to them.

  • Miss Lynne Owen £5.00 18/06/2017

  • Mrs Rukhsana Ahmad £25.00 13/05/2017

    Thinking of Annie and all of you - especially Martin - on her birthday. Thank you for writing this - thank you for collecting for Macmillan. They are amazing...

  • Mrs Karyn Thompson £5.00 26/04/2017

    Macmillan has been so supportive to me & I fundraise for them too. It sounds like Annie had an impact on many people's lives & long may that continue through her writing, your writing & this fund. X

  • Anonymous £5.00 25/04/2017

  • Mr Den Hallett £2.00 25/04/2017

    Lovely Thoughts about your Sister Jo... Reminded me of how I felt when I lost my Brother at the age of 50. Thanks for that.X

  • Miss Kirsty Edwards £5.00 23/04/2017

    Beautiful article, so true & spot on. Big hugs

  • Miss Stephanie Wood £5.00 23/04/2017

  • Miss Joanna Drysdale £5.00 23/04/2017

  • Bill Badger £10.00 22/04/2017

    Loved the article. A good reminder how valuable genuine interactions are and are too rare.

  • Anonymous £20.00 22/04/2017

    My sister and I were just whining about these inane conversations yesterday. Your article highlighted how I can't imagine life without her. I'm so so sorry for your loss!

  • Anonymous £5.00 22/04/2017

    I can't begin to tell you how much i relate to this article. I'm so sorry for your loss.

  • Miss Deborah Harper £10.00 21/04/2017

    I just read your piece 'Shopping and Grieving'; it was spot on. Great cause; Macmillan are fantastic.

  • Anonymous £5.00 21/04/2017

  • Anonymous £10.00 21/04/2017

    true, sad and funny. I'm sorry you are going through this x

  • Miss Vic Knight £50.00 20/04/2017

  • Anonymous £50.00 19/04/2017

    Totally identified with the sentiments

  • Anonymous £5.00 19/04/2017

  • Ms Helen Bryant £10.00 19/04/2017

    I loved the article - it expressed exactly what most of us must be feeling. I'm sorry that your sister is gone, but you will always have your memories. She sounded like a fantastic sister!

  • Anonymous £10.00 19/04/2017

  • Anonymous £1.00 19/04/2017

  • Ms Coral Napier £10.00 19/04/2017

  • Mr Mike McCarthy £50.00 08/04/2017

    Money well spent x

  • Mr Bill Leckie £50.00 03/04/2017

    A wonderful cause that I wish we didn't need. Hope your smash the target. Bill.

  • Mr Yuen-Wei Chew £100.00 03/04/2017

    Lovely people who helped Annie and Martin.

  • Mr James Caulfield £100.00 02/04/2017

  • Ms Molly Warwick £100.00 02/04/2017

    With fond love always, Molly and Jazz

  • Mrs Sheena Anderson £100.00 26/03/2017

    Dearest Jo I share your pain as you know having lost my sister too in 2016- so sad . Sheena xx

  • Anonymous £90.00 24/03/2017

    from Polina

  • Miss Polina Kalinina £10.00 24/03/2017

    Wish I could give a tonne of cash to this! Sadly not possible at the moment but wanted to give something because cancer is crap but also Annie was the most incredible woman I've ever had the pleasure to work with and talk to and learn from and have a laugh with. We had such cool many exciting plays that should have happened. She was one awesome, unapologetic powerhouse of a lady. I know that Macmillan did wonderful things for her family and what they do is incredible! Thank you.

  • Mr Philip Coombes £50.00 19/03/2017

    No idea who Annie is/was and not a massive Jo Caulfield fan either. But cancer happens to random people, including most recently for me my mum, so today I am randomly donating to this cause. I hope it does some good.

  • Anonymous £20.00 17/03/2017

  • Anonymous £100.00 16/03/2017

    I contacted Annie years ago because of her book about Benin - I was raising money for education projects there in memory of my Dad, and there was so little about Benin anywhere, that I found it amazing that she had written a whole book about it. We met and had lunch at the National Portrait Gallery. What you said, Jo, about not wanting to tell people, to drop the bomb in a normal conversation, I get it. I had the same with my Dad, who committed suicide when I was 24. But I learnt that when I was open and frank with people, which still takes courage 15 years later, I always had the most amazing response to baring my loss. They felt like real connections, where the usual platitudes fell away, and I still remember them all.

  • Miss Lucy Thackray £10.00 16/03/2017

    Can't afford a lot, but giving a little, because Jo's article about Annie gave me a much needed, cathartic cry about my own sister who left us in 2014. There comes a point where the thought of her mostly makes you smile, not cry. All my best.

  • Anonymous £25.00 15/03/2017

  • Mrs Kerri Clegg £10.00 15/03/2017

    I will always be grateful for the help and support they have to both me and others. Love to you, Jo x

  • Miss Lisa Carver £30.00 14/03/2017

    Very close to my heart - my Dad has terminal cancer. I hope you raise lots of money Jo, in memory of your sister for a great cause xx

  • Mr Jonny Edwards £10.00 14/03/2017

    I did not know Anne, but have read her books and seen some things she wrote for TV, But her sister Jo has touched my life with her comedy and friendship at times when I needed it even though he didnt know it or know me at the time. This dreadful disease has touched my life in more ways than one. and I am very pleased to be able to pay my respects to a fabulous writer taken from us way to early.

  • Anonymous £15.00 14/03/2017

  • Anonymous £80.00 14/03/2017

  • Anonymous £20.00 14/03/2017

  • Mrs Claire Hobden £10.00 14/03/2017

    Jo, your piece in Standard Issue really brought it home to me, that a life without my own sister would be unbearable. We lost our Mum to cancer in 2004. Cherish and relive your memories when you can. Claire (@AmboClaire)

  • Anonymous £50.00 13/03/2017

  • Miss Michaela Noonan £20.00 13/03/2017

    Annie was a wonderful writer and huge character. I never got to meet her in person, but our email exchanges made me smile and she was always warm, funny and generous. A friend on the internet. She is much missed. Xx

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