Land's End to John 'O' Groats centenary run

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The Land's End to John 'O' Groats centenary run tribute fund

As part of Macmillan Cancer Supports centenary year I will be running from Land's End to John 'O' Groats. I will be running 30 miles a day until I have completed the run. Please help me raise as much money as possible for such a worthy cause.

Mrs Rachael McCartney
March 21, 2011

You've started so you'll finish!!!! First one done . FANTASTIC !!!

Mrs Susan Brown
March 27, 2011

Keep up the Good Work Gary

Stephen & Susan Brown

Mrs margaret ann rothery
March 30, 2011


Chris Hogg
April 5, 2011

Got a tenner of a guy from work (Chris Hogg) so I'm lighting a candle for him he wishes you all the best Gaz keep up the good work. Neil McC

Mr Sol Clarke
April 12, 2011

Keep up the great work boys nearly done now.

Sol Clarke

Stephen Tu rep S.L. Construction
April 18, 2011

Well done gary what an amazing feat you have undertaken.

Steph griff s.l. Construction T.U. Rep

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Thanks for the anonymous donation on 29th July. It's very much appreciated.


Hi Gary and Co. I am trying to spread the message about what you are doing and hope that it will increase your donations.
I am following your blog with laughter. Hey maybe you should get it converted to a book when this is all over. You have some great material including naked bodies!! Could be a good Movie too.
I also sent a message to Egremont today and he asked me to write something. so I have. and I hope that's ok with you. You really make me proud to be Cumbrian.
Day 21 - ALL THE BEST, Marian

Just read your blog Gaz and had a tear in my eye - can't beleive you are actually doing it!! Keep up the momentum!!

Keep going GOO GOO your doing great,hope your two crazy side kicks of yours are behaving themselves.

gud on you hope ou raise loads for such a god cause :)))))

hope yuor going ok gary all the best x

Keep it going big man . keep the calories intake high ...

Keep going mate, we're all supporting you.

hope its going well for you all, c u soon keep up the hard work.R rob and ian keeping up? Dont let them get too much ale!!!!! I'll av a few waiting for you when you get back!!!!

Good luck and hope all is going well!!

Keep going Gaz, were thinking about you every mile you run. Your an absoloute star x
I was gonna come wid ya but you went without me ?? :o))

Keep it up Gary were all thinking of you hope Robert & Clarkey are looking after you all take care have a good time

Good luck me old mate. Fantastic cause, i hope everything goes to plan and im sure you will have some great memories during your 30 days!

Right behind you GOO GOO (not literally) keep going.

1 down 29 to go, your confidence will grow with the first one under your belt .

Your off and running and we are all behind you be strong and posotive like you usually are and you will see it through.

On your marks..... get set ....go go go!!!!!!!!!! Will be your armchair supporter Gaz cos you are quite simply the best !!!!

Good luck Gary - will be thinking of you xx Hope you have tookplenty of plasters!!!

You leave your pom poms where they are Fowlup. Thanks for the support.

"Run Forest run" no in all seriousness Gary this is a massive challenge and I am very proud of you, as always you will give it your all.
go GOO GOO go ( I will have my pom poms out)

Strong John my old mate. Nice to hear from you. Keep an eye on me buddy.

Go mate look forward to keeping up with your progress and cheering you on from down under. Sounds like you are bang on track and from where I sit remember.... you are running down hill all the way!

Go for it mate sounds like your in the right frame of mind stay in that place no matter how hard it gets,email me at i would like tobe a shirt sponsor

Thanks for the support Marian. Just over a week to go. Keep an eye on our progress.

I am full of admiration for your courage in even attempting this. I am already a supporter of Macmillan and Marie Currie but I have no hesitation in supporting this. I sincerely wish you all the very best.


Good Luck Gary
From Derek Redman, Macmillan Hartlepool Fundraising Group.

Good luck mate and I hope you get some rest in Tenerife after this challenge!

Best Regards


good luck lads xxx

good luck you crazy fools!!

Good luck to u all!!! I'll see u at Whitehaven to cheer you in. Once again an amazing effort from you goo goo.

CAF voucher

Fantastic effort Gary. Its very difficult to appreciate how difficult a task you managed to achieve for such a worthy cause. You should be very proud of your efforts. The money donated through your dedication will help the Macmillan Nurses continue their tireless work.

well done gaz

well done goo goo

A truly awesome achievement. Inspirational! A mind blowing feat of mental & physical endurance and will. Macmillan have never had a supporter as dedicated and driven as you, I'm proud & honoured to be your friend.

For & on behalf of Central Office (T&G)

S K Ellison

The Partners T/A Tuc Earn Direct

J Drinkwater

G & S Blackwell

K P & L Cithgow

For & on behalf of The Ennerdale Brewery Ltd

For & on behalf of Pennine Property Services Ltd

great achievement gary, you've raised a fantastic amount for an superb cause

Congratulations Gary. A truly great achievement

Fantastic achievement Gary and well done for the marathon mate.

my hero!!

Well done Gary what you have achieved is awesome.

well done neighbour

Gary, this is from my Mum. She does talks for Art and Embroidery groups and always donates her fee to charity. I told her about your run and she wanted to make a donation. Well done again, Ellie

Well done Gary and to his support team.Didnt think this distance over such a short time was possible. Hope this is some sort of inspiration for the rest of us.

Well done Gary - a great achievement.

Let me know when you next challenge is as I may well join ya.

Leigh, Barbara and Spike Dunton

Fantastic achievement Gary I’m proud to know you.

Well done Gary from all the Coyles Family - A very worthy cause xx

Go Gary Go!

Congrats for this and all your other charity work!

Hope weather is good and mind and body continue to remain strong!

Good luck!


Great effort Gaz, never had u down as a runner, Keep up the graft fella only a few days left. Best of luck! Wes.

Well done so far... amazing job best of luck for the rest of the run ;-)

Big run, great cause - all the best (hope the weathers kind now you're heading up North!)

Best wishes from all at Indorama Polymers Workington Ltd, and good luck for the rest of the run

I've just been forwarded an email at work about the fantastic thing your doing for a great charity.

Congratulations on your amazing courage and perseverance!

Great effort Gary.

All the best for the rest of your challenge!!

Adam Wilcox

Good luck! It\\\'s a great cause.

Hi Gary, Robert and Ian,

Over halfway now. Mammoth undertaking. Superb effort! Donation from cup cake sale and ad hoc donations from work. See you soon. All the best.


Brilliant progress . Well done Gary

Great to meet you on Saturday Gary. Keep on running!!

All the best hope it all goes to plan

Martin Gray

D&K Heating Services Ltd

All the very best, lovely meeting you all today, your doing a great job for a great cause, keep us all up to date with the blog, its brilliant! Best of luck for the rest of the journey and here's hoping you raise loads more money to help those people living with cancer, we all salute you! The Warrington Macmillan Fundraising Office

Go GARY !! all the best for the rest of the way
Deb & AL

Amazing effort. Top man with top support

Good Luck !!

Hope you are doing well on your run. I know that YOU CAN DO IT!

Good luck with it! I work for Macmillan so hear about the amazing things people do for us every day, but I never fail to be moved by their dedication, especially when they go the extra mile (or 900m...) for us.
Hope it goes well x

Wishing you blister free days!

Keep going Gary : ) I have no doubt you wil succeed. Esp with Clarky an Robert to keep you entertained! Love From Cath Gate and Bob

Stick in Gaz catch you nearer home to support you for a few miles.

John (Shire)Glaister

All the best Gaz, keep it up.

Good Luck Gaz hope the weather is on your side. You are an inspiration mate.

Well done and good luck

Good Luck Gary xx

Good Luck Gary - rather you than me! x

Good luck Gary!!

Nat :-)

Good luck Gary.

"Run Forest Run" no in all seriousness, this is a massive challenge, and as always you will give it your all.
I am very proud of you.
go GOO GOO go (ill have my pom poms out)

OMG you nutter! but there's no doubt that you can do this. Good luck Alfie & Fi x

All the best Gary. Hope all goes well. Awesome challenge but KNOW you'll do it. Best of luck.

Alison Tubman

Good luck to you Gary it will be a fantastic achievement, I'm sure you will have no trouble in completing your journey. Once again good luck from Christine Graham.

Good Luck to you, if Clarkie is supporting you it makes it doubly worthwhile.

I think you are a bit mad Gary but really admire you for what you are undertaking. I wish you all well and hope the weather is kind to you :-) Ellie




Good luck Gaz. Its amazing what you're doing, keep it up. All the best mate.

What ever it takes !! Just do it .Listen to your body.All the best. Chris.

good luck Gaz will try to meet up and do a few yards wid u. Ur an inspiration to everyone.

Good luck.

Good luck Gaz - when the times are had just remember the Brow glory days!!

Good luck, I couldn't run 900 yards

All the best and good luck Gaz. Legend.

All the very best Gary. Hope the your old body holds together okay for what is a truly impressive undertaking.

Good Luck

David & Ali McKibbin

Good luck Gary, you are very inspirational!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Emily Taylor

Good luck Gary will sort out T-Shirts Tommy

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