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Create a personal and lasting tribute to a loved one, with Macmillan Cancer Support

Creating a tribute page is a unique and meaningful way of celebrating a loved one's life, while also helping to make sure that no one faces cancer alone.

It's a place to celebrate. To share. To support, and even to change lives. And it's a place to invite friends and family to join you in remembering a special person and support in any way you choose by making donations or taking part in an event. 

Just like Bill did for his wife Betty after Tony, a Macmillan Nurse, was there to support them.

‘It was down to Tony really that Betty got such exceptional care. That's what made us decide to do Betty's Big Bash.' Bill Burnett, Betty's husband 
Read more about Bill and Betty's story here

Create your tribute page today

Creating your tribute page is simple and will create a lasting legacy for your loved one - one that will help Macmillan support more people with cancer and their families. 

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